Saffron has arrived

IMG_0252As promised, Jaden ordered me a year’s supply of Saffron.  USPS dropped it in my mailbox today.

I’m surprised by just how much Saffron a year’s supply is. I really think this’ll last us more than a year.

Thanks, Jaden!

Amazon Fresh: Delivery #2 (and iFatigue)

We tried Amazon Fresh again today.  We’re throwing a fajita party this weekend, and I noticed that Amazon Fresh had really awesome prices on flank steak. 

I scheduled the order this time for Thursday night between 8:00 and 9:00pm, as opposed to the Saturday morning delivery we had last time.  Groceries looked great again. Produce in good shape: bell peppers (yellow, red, and green), onions, etc.

I will say this about the Amazon Fresh delivery folks: wow, they are the most punctual bunch I’ve ever run across.  Last time they rang the doorbell at 9:00am (literally, 9:00 — not 9:01, but 9:00) which was the first moment available in my delivery window.  Today, they rang my doorbell at 8:01pm.  They’re slacking by a minute. 🙂

Oh, and Diann mentioned last night that she’s got iFatigue from hearing all the buzz about the various Apple iPod and iPhone announcements. A quick bit of searching shows me that she didn’t originate this phrase, but I think it’s pretty brilliant.

EDIT: Oh, I’m deducing that the Amazon Fresh delivery drivers have some sort of wireless connectivity back to the mothership.  About 2 minutes before my groceries have been delivered, I’ve received an email saying my order is ready for pickup.

Amazon Fresh: a test run

Amazon Fresh A few weeks back, we were out and about around town, and I noticed a truck and storefront for Amazon Fresh.  I knew the coming-out date had to be close for my neighborhood, so I headed over their webpage to request an account.

A few weeks later, I got an email saying that delivery was available for my neighborhood!  Last night, at around 10pm, I placed my first order.  I ordered a variety of things: Ziploc bags, bread, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc.  Part of the order was stuff we needed, and part of it was just to see how the quality of the food stacked up to shopping the grocery store.

I scheduled the order to be delivered today between 10am and 11am.  I had a slight problem with the website – the add/remove item controls in the shopping cart didn’t work, so I had to order with a few things I didn’t actually mean to order.  I called their customer service just before placing the order, and was happy to speak with a very plain-spoken member of their customer service team.  Definitely a native English speaker, and my guess would be from the Northwest or Midwest US.  She was able to quickly reproduce the problem I was experiencing, and sent it onto their web team.

amazonfresh 001 At 10am Saturday morning, the doorbell rang. Literally, at 10:00 and a few seconds. I swear the guy was waiting outside of the door watching his clock waiting for 10:00am.  Rather than drive the delivery truck up the driveway, he parked at the end of the driveway and used a hand truck to get the groceries to our door.  He brought the groceries into the kitchen, I signed a piece of paper, and away he went.

Diann & I quickly unpacked the groceries, taking a peek at the various fruits/vegetables that we ordered to make sure they lived up to the name of Amazon Fresh.  To my surprise, they did!  The tomato was ripe and red, the grapes were flawless, the strawberries were beautiful.

Amazon Fresh Tomato My only complaints about the service is that you can’t easily see ingredients of the products you’re shopping for, nutritional value, and my aforementioned problems with the website.  Diann’s allergic to corn, so we need to avoid high fructose corn syrup.  That’s tough to do when you can’t read ingredients, so we really had to try and stick with products we already knew. 

It’s cheesy, but I took a picture of some of the produce.  The tomato is there on the right.

 Great stuff, I’m pretty sure we’ll definitely be shopping there again.  I’ll be saving my grocery store receipts in the future to compare prices.

5:24am and I’m awake

This could be my earliest blog post ever.

Already been awake for an hour today.

And, no, this is definitely not normal for me. However, the [Big Green Egg]( is at a happy 220°F, and a 9.5lb brisket has been going for 25 minutes. On at 5:00am, plan to take it off at 6:30pm. Flip and baste every hour. Replenish charcoal and hickory at the halfway point. Wrap in aluminum foil at 5:00pm. Eat yummy food at 6:30pm.

The real question is: when should I start drinking beer?

UPDATE @ 5:29am: Yeah, television sucks at 5:30am on Sunday. Boredom settling in rapidly.

New Grill! I’m an “egg”head!

After reading several reviews on the web, and getting inspired by a [co-worker](, I decided to buy a new grill. And I’ve eschewed the propane tank forever.

I bought a [Big Green Egg]( from [Thompson’s Hearth & Home]( in Issaquah. This thing is a beast! Tips the scales at over 140 pounds, and I can’t wait to get it fired up… Which, will sadly have to wait until next weekend at the earliest. Stupid [wisdom teeth](

At any rate, I outfitted my large green egg with a [BBQ Guru]( [Competitor]( kit, complete with a 10CFM blower; and a few other [accessories]( egg nest and egg mate.

The guys at [Thompson’s]( were awesome: Les helped me out the day of my purchase (his job was easy — I had done my research), and he noticed my Texas car dealership sticker on the back of the Murano. He asked where in Texas we were from, and, as it turns out, he also went to [Texas A&M]( While we loaded up the boxes, we talked about things in Aggieland, food that we miss, and local sites in Bryan/College Station. He threw in (as standard fare) a 20 pound bag of charcoal and some BBQ seasoning, and as we were leaving, threw in another set (“I’ve gotta take care of my fellow College Station people”).

We got home a few hours later, and I realized that we forgot to load the egg nest into the car. I checked their website today, and they’re closed on Sundays, so I figured I’d call and leave a message. The owner ends up answering the phone (I think they forward the phone), and I explain the situation to him and that I’ll come by on Monday to pick it up. He says that he’ll be in Issaquah for a bit, and can go into the store and leave the missing box out in the back of the store. Talk about awesome service.

Ok, back to reading more about the grill.

A long day

Today started out fairly normal and as planned, but it went downhill.

As I sit here, my arms are bruised. My jaw is fairly numb. I have 4 teeth less than I had this morning. I’m on pain medication.

It sounds drastic, but, yeah, I got my wisdom teeth removed this morning. First time ever that I’d been under anesthesia, first time to have to get an IV in the old arm vein, first time to have teeth extracted. It’s been a day of firsts, and I’m ready to get through the next two weeks so I can start eating normal food again. 🙂

Luckily, I’ve got Diann here helping out, even with the gross stuff that comes with this (mmm bloody gauze pads). Best. Nurse. Ever.