Selling out?

I don’t know if it’s selling out or not, but for a half-pound of vanilla beans, I’m not beyond selling myself out a bit. Jaden (who I won saffron from) is now hosting a contest to win a half-pound of vanilla beans.  My favorite recipe suggestion?  Definitely Alton Brown’s Creme Brulee.  Although, I really want […]

Amazon Fresh: Delivery #2 (and iFatigue)

We tried Amazon Fresh again today.  We’re throwing a fajita party this weekend, and I noticed that Amazon Fresh had really awesome prices on flank steak.  I scheduled the order this time for Thursday night between 8:00 and 9:00pm, as opposed to the Saturday morning delivery we had last time.  Groceries looked great again. Produce […]

5:24am and I’m awake

This could be my earliest blog post ever. Already been awake for an hour today. And, no, this is definitely not normal for me. However, the [Big Green Egg]( is at a happy 220°F, and a 9.5lb brisket has been going for 25 minutes. On at 5:00am, plan to take it off at 6:30pm. Flip […]

New Grill! I’m an “egg”head!

After reading several reviews on the web, and getting inspired by a [co-worker](, I decided to buy a new grill. And I’ve eschewed the propane tank forever. I bought a [Big Green Egg]( from [Thompson’s Hearth & Home]( in Issaquah. This thing is a beast! Tips the scales at over 140 pounds, and I can’t […]