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Came across this on a mailing list that I’m on: [Serious Eats](http://www.seriouseats.com/) has launched recently.

It’s an interesting concept – chatter among a userbase, along with reviews/features/etc. from a more structured editing crew (don’t know if they’re paid, or if it’s freelance, or what…). Very nice. I’ve subscribed to their RSS feeds for now.

Last Night’s Dinner Theme: International Variety!

After eating dinner last night, I realized we had an extremely international meal. For our main course, we had Frenched Rack of Lamb from New Zealand. To drink with the meal, we had red wine from France (Domaine des Homs from our favorite wine store: Le Savoir Faire).

For dessert, we munched on some locally-grown honeycrisp apples with some excellent French Gorgonzola cheese.

Mmm, it was good.

Alton Brown Book Signing!

This evening, Alton Brown blessed Seattle with his presence at the Elliott Bay Book Company. Diann & I waited in line before his talk for about two hours, and waited afterwards for another hour or so to get some autographs. He was there to discuss I'm Just Here for More Food , his new book (ISBN 1584793414). Of note, make sure to read his errata page before using many of the recipes — especially the pizza dough recipe that states to use Aspirin instead of Vitamin C tablets. 🙂

Alton talked for about an hour, humoring the packed-in crowd with stories from his childhood and about his TV show, and even took questions from the audience afterwards. The guy rules.

Pictures were taken, as well, since my Nikon SB-800 made it back from repair just last week!

pondering ingredients

Diann & I were cooking last night (wild salmon filets with a chipotle glaze and jalapeño-lime butter, yum!) and I realized that we've been using quite a bit of chipotles in adobo sauce recently. That made me start thinking about our cooking habits.

Do you ever notice that you use ingredients in phases? Before, we never used chipotles, and recently we've shot through three cans of them. Before that, we never used shallots, but since Cuisine Magazine introduced us to shallots, we rarely go two home-cooked meals without eating shallots. (and by the way, if you've not yet cooked with shallots, they're excellent!)

I wonder if other people use ingredients in phases…

chinese food isn’t the same…

chinese food just isn't the same without the little take-out boxes. My favorite take-out chinese restaurant stopped using them in favor of little styrofoam things. And to top it off, I open the fortune cookie and read the fortune — they're trying to go high-tech. I kid you not, the fortune is: “You will have much happiness through Internet.” If only they knew…

vegetarians, red meat, etc.

So, as Diann & I were driving home from the grocery store (yet another trip to the store while hungry, oops!) we decided that there should be more vegetarians in the world. This would mean more red meat and other good stuff for us. 😉 Random piece of info for the day: Silk Vanilla Soy Milk is actually drinkable, and might actually fall into the “pretty good” category. (Thanks, Mel!)

The latest…

So, went to the Aggie basketball game this weekend. Took pictures. We lost though. But hooray for Tonia getting us seats two rows off the court. That was awesome. So was the homemade lasagna Diann & I made last night; too bad I forgot to bring some to the office to munch on today for lunch though.

But today is Monday. Most people say Mondays suck, but they obviously don't watch Strong Bad E-Mail. After that gets watched, Mondays suck though.