5:24am and I’m awake

This could be my earliest blog post ever.

Already been awake for an hour today.

And, no, this is definitely not normal for me. However, the [Big Green Egg](http://www.biggreenegg.com/) is at a happy 220°F, and a 9.5lb brisket has been going for 25 minutes. On at 5:00am, plan to take it off at 6:30pm. Flip and baste every hour. Replenish charcoal and hickory at the halfway point. Wrap in aluminum foil at 5:00pm. Eat yummy food at 6:30pm.

The real question is: when should I start drinking beer?

UPDATE @ 5:29am: Yeah, television sucks at 5:30am on Sunday. Boredom settling in rapidly.