Month: September 2005

  • Nikon does the Right Thing – Publicly

    I wrote a few days ago about getting my Nikon D70 back from service, and said kudos to them for replacing the parts in my camera even though it is out of warranty. Well, seems that Nikon has publicly announced that they'll be replacing defective parts on D70's, D2h's, and F55's. The information is also […]

  • Griffin AirClick: How to improve performance?

    So, a few weeks ago, I bought a Griffin AirClick for my iPod. Their FAQ indicates that its range is tested at up to 60 feet, but I'm calling shenanigans on that. Mine doesn't work for more than 15 feet at the most, and that's not even going through walls – that's just open space. […]

  • New Pictures!

    After a long hiatus of posting pictures in the gallery, I've spent a large chunk of this morning and afternoon processing and uploading pictures. In no particular order: Fishermen's Terminal – Pictures taken by Diann while she was at a weeklong training course at Fishermen's Terminal North Cascades Highway Loop – On Diann's birthday, we […]

  • Hurricanes Katrina & Rita: Fires?

    After having been glued to the TV for the last few weeks watching news coverage about Hurricane Katrina, and now started to catch coverage on Rita's landfall, I've gotta wonder where all these fires are coming from. How is it that when people evacuate, things start burning? It's like the presence of a warm human […]

  • Last Night’s Dinner Theme: International Variety!

    After eating dinner last night, I realized we had an extremely international meal. For our main course, we had Frenched Rack of Lamb from New Zealand. To drink with the meal, we had red wine from France (Domaine des Homs from our favorite wine store: Le Savoir Faire). For dessert, we munched on some locally-grown […]

  • Arrr, Matey!

    Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Gotta go swash me buckles. Shiver me timbers!

  • A Little R&R At Work

    I'm all for work life balance. I check the news websites quite frequently at work, I'll check my home e-mail while I'm at work, etc. But when things need to get done, or if there's something important going on, I'll push my personal life aside and bury myself in whatever it is I need to […]

  • News: Michael Brown Removed from Role in Managing Katrina Relief

    News sites are reporting all over that Michael Brown has been relieved in his role of managing Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. In my opinion, this is a good first step. But, I do have to ask — what's the value in having the head of FEMA not working on the major disaster at-hand? FNC is […]

  • FEMA Director Strikes Again

    According to this article at MSNBC, Michael Brown (who I wrote about the other day) waited for FIVE HOURS after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Louisiana coast before writing a memo to DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff. Five hours to request 1,000 workers to arrive; and he gave them two days to get there. From the […]

  • Carrier Unlocking of an Audiovox SMT5600 (HTC Typhoon)

    Found this gem on how to unlock an Audiovox SMT5600 (aka HTC Typhoon). Blogged here for my reference.