Griffin AirClick: How to improve performance?

So, a few weeks ago, I bought a Griffin AirClick for my iPod. Their FAQ indicates that its range is tested at up to 60 feet, but I'm calling shenanigans on that. Mine doesn't work for more than 15 feet at the most, and that's not even going through walls – that's just open space.

Anyone have a homebrew hack to improve the performance and range of this thing? I opened it up today, and just by taking the back plastic cover off, range went up dramatically. Before I resort to that and just run electrical tape over it, I was wondering if anyone had tweaked the antenna on the PCB to make things work better. It looks like a simple half-wave etched right on the board.






One response to “Griffin AirClick: How to improve performance?”

  1. Robert Avatar

    Did you get anywhere with this? Are you still even using the thing? I got one over the weekend, and was somewhat dissappointed to find the range so bad – I only wanted to go through the floor from upstairs into the living room – about 5 feet!