A Little R&R At Work

I'm all for work life balance. I check the news websites quite frequently at work, I'll check my home e-mail while I'm at work, etc. But when things need to get done, or if there's something important going on, I'll push my personal life aside and bury myself in whatever it is I need to do to make that next deadline, important decision, or prepare for that upcoming meeting. I think most good people share my beliefs there.

I know we all have our own opinions, but if, for example, I was a US Senator, I'd feel that some things were important. Things like, oh, paying attention to US Supreme Court Hearings. From a Washington Post article:

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) showed exceptional emotional versatility, working a crossword puzzle during the hearing and then choking back a sob while making a prosaic statement about partisanship.

I'd be damned if I'm gonna work on a crossword while listening to hearings on appointing, FOR LIFE, a Justice (nay, a Chief Justice) on the United States Supreme Court.