Washington Initiative 831

I just stumbled across a blog about Washington State politics called [HorsesAss.org](http://www.horsesass.org/). In the blog’s [About](http://www.horsesass.org/?page_id=2227) page, it talks about how it got its name. Apparently, the author of the blog (David Goldstein) submitted [initiative 831](http://apps.leg.wa.gov/documents/billdocs/2003-04/Htm/Initiatives/Initiative%20To%20The%20People/INITIATIVE%20831.htm) back in 2003. It’s hilarious, especially if you’ve been in Washington State for the past few years. Initiative text […]

HGTTG and Current Politics

Watching TV this week, you can't escape the fallout from Rep. Foley's little escapades with e-mails and instant messaging with Pages on the Hill. Of course, the House Majority Leader is parading about on the news trying to minimize the fallout to the Republican Party. One thing that we've noticed is that Dennis Hastert has […]

Worst written news article ever

So, I'm reading the MSNBC article talking about the denial-of-service attack on Joe Lieberman's website (article here). I'm always amazed with the over-simplification that journalists use when they write stories: The Joe2006.com Web site was hosted on a computer named ThePlanet.com, a Web server computer that also hosts about 70 other Web sites. Many of […]

Republicans standing up for … Democrats?

Now, at first, that may seem odd. But the Republicans and this particular Democrat have something in common – apparent ethics problems. Seems the Republican leadership is saying that the Department of Justice has overstepped their bounds, and they're promising an investigation: WASHINGTON — The FBI's weekend search of the House office of a Louisiana […]