Wrapping Up in Taiwan

10:30pm Saturday in Taiwan, and 6:30am Saturday in Seattle.

Our work here in Taiwan is wrapped up, and we spent today wandering around the city doing some photography. I should have around 200 pictures to upload when we return.

We visited the electronics district of Kaohsiung today. I was a bit disappointed with it – for sure there were tons of counterfeit items and knock-off items (I saw this guy, this one, and a ton of others), but, overall, not much in the way of good stuff. Quite a bit of Xbox360 advertising for the pending Taiwan launch on March 2.

We hit up a night-market last night – also tons of knock-offs there as well: “Kingdom Jeans” with a kJ logo a la Calvin Klein's cK, etc.

All in all, though, Kaohsiung is a cool city. I don't know that you could spend more than 2-3 days of sightseeing, but if you ever find yourself in Taiwan with a few free days, swing down to the south end.