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  • Observing Weekend

    This weekend I was pleased to have been invited with a few other people to go spend a night at the Manastash Ridge Observatory in eastern Washington.  It’s about a 120 mile drive away from my house, and we headed out from the Seattle area around 11am on Saturday.  After arriving, we were treated to […]

  • San Francisco for a Day

    Had to run to San Francisco for a one-day work trip this week.  Luckily, my work wrapped up a bit early and I was able to go act like a tourist for a bit.  Took a drive up to the Golden Gate Bridge, drove and hiked around the Marin Headlands, and had dinner with some […]

  • The Last 3 Months

    Here’s what the last 3 months of my air travel looked like: (Seattle – Copenhagen – Oslo – Aalesund; Seattle – London – Munich; Seattle – Houston – San Antonio; Seattle – Amsterdam – Dublin)

  • Amsterdam

    The last three days (including today) I’ve been in Amsterdam on business.  Very cool city – I wasn’t looking forward to this leg of my trip, but I’m glad I got the opportunity to come here.  More pictures from the trip can be found here. While in town, I visited the Van Gogh Museum (neat), […]

  • AAL75, Seat 30F, 34,000 feet and bumpy

    Well, I’m finally giving in to writing an offline blog post.  From a plane.  At the time of this writing, I’m somewhere over the eastern seaboard. I’ve spent the last few days in the DC area on business, and got to meet up with a few good friends for food/drinks.  Karl sent me an IM […]

  • San Francisco Radio: Turning up the Suck

    As you may have surmised from my previous post, I’m in California for a few days this week on business, and more specifically, in the San Jose / Mountain View area.  I drove in to San Francisco last night to grab dinner and drinks with an old classmate of mine (Hi, Lauren!). It’s a surprisingly […]

  • Labor Day Weekend Roadtrip

    Rather than firing up the Big Green Egg this Labor Day weekend, Diann and I decided to take a bit of a roadtrip to the western part of Washington – the Olympic Peninsula. Our weekend roadtrip started at 6:30AM on Saturday to head to Edmonds, Washington, to catch the 7:50AM ferry to Kingston.  From Kingston, […]

  • Random cool new Web 2.0 thing

    So I was reading Techcrunch today, and it seems that Farecast has gone into a public beta period. While beta software has been around for years and years, tagging a new product beta seems to be all the rage among Web 2.0 sites (Yes, Windows Live and Google, I'm looking at you guys). Anyway, Farecast […]

  • Aussie Pictures – Posted

    Finally, after a one month delay, I've posted my pictures from Australia.

  • G’Day from Down Under!

    In keeping up with my posting about my travels for work, I'm actually in Adelaide, Australia at the moment doing some work. Adelaide is a pretty cool town, around a million Aussies call it home. Tons to do around town, during our off-days we got to see the McLaren Vale (known for it's wines), Kangaroo […]