San Francisco Radio: Turning up the Suck

brownamp As you may have surmised from my previous post, I’m in California for a few days this week on business, and more specifically, in the San Jose / Mountain View area.  I drove in to San Francisco last night to grab dinner and drinks with an old classmate of mine (Hi, Lauren!).

It’s a surprisingly long drive, considering I think of Mountain View as a suburb of San Francisco…  Took me about 50 minutes to get up to there.

While driving on the stretch of 280, I decided I’d need some music.  I turned on the radio, and scanned through the whole series of stations twice.  Nothing but "teh suck".  Not just "teh suck", but "teh suck" turned up to 11.  Tejano music or crappy stuff.

San Francisco: you’re supposed to be a great city.  There’s music written about you.  Why don’t you have a decent radio station?