Wrapping Up in Taiwan

10:30pm Saturday in Taiwan, and 6:30am Saturday in Seattle.

Our work here in Taiwan is wrapped up, and we spent today wandering around the city doing some photography. I should have around 200 pictures to upload when we return.

We visited the electronics district of Kaohsiung today. I was a bit disappointed with it – for sure there were tons of counterfeit items and knock-off items (I saw this guy, this one, and a ton of others), but, overall, not much in the way of good stuff. Quite a bit of Xbox360 advertising for the pending Taiwan launch on March 2.

We hit up a night-market last night – also tons of knock-offs there as well: “Kingdom Jeans” with a kJ logo a la Calvin Klein's cK, etc.

All in all, though, Kaohsiung is a cool city. I don't know that you could spend more than 2-3 days of sightseeing, but if you ever find yourself in Taiwan with a few free days, swing down to the south end.

Ahoy… from Taiwan!

Ahh, the first blog entry written from outside of the United States. This week finds me travelling for work in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I'm currently sitting on the 36th floor of the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel (a 5-star hotel for $90/night, are you kidding me?) overlooking the harbor of Kaohsiung. It's a beautiful town.

We left Seattle at 12:40am on Saturday via China Airlines, and flew direct to Taipei. Fourteen hours later, we were on the ground. By fourteen hours later, I really mean at 7:45am on Sunday. Basically I burned my whole weekend in a plane. A short one hour flight took us to our destination of Kaohsiung. Going from GMT-8 to GMT+8 makes you warped.

We just got done wandering around a bit, seeing as we have the rest of the day free. Took a bunch of pictures, but the Internet connectivity in the hotel is too spotty to get them uploaded. That'll have to wait till I return.