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  • Random cool electronics thing to build

    Found this in some random RSS feed: The time fountain. I need to build one of these – it looks awesome!

  • Wrapping Up in Taiwan

    10:30pm Saturday in Taiwan, and 6:30am Saturday in Seattle. Our work here in Taiwan is wrapped up, and we spent today wandering around the city doing some photography. I should have around 200 pictures to upload when we return. We visited the electronics district of Kaohsiung today. I was a bit disappointed with it –…

  • RIP, Jack Kilby

    The guy who made my entire professional career possible died yesterday at the age of 81. Jack Kilby was a pioneer of semiconductor invention back in 1958 at Texas Instruments. Microchip pioneer Jack Kilby, who won the 2000 Nobel Prize for co-inventing the integrated circuits that ushered in the digital age of personal computers, cell…