Hello blog, it’s been a while…

Well, hello there fine people of the internet.

It’s been a bit over 6 years since my last post; nearly 9 years since my last post that wasn’t really a situation update on the blog.

A few things have happened since then, mostly well discussed on Facebook or other media. Some highlights:

  • Generated offspring
  • Acquired a few vintage Volkswagens
  • Acquired many new hobbies: ham radio (w7pwn), 3D printing, skiing
  • Ditched some hobbies: photography, astronomy
  • Sold a house; bought a house
  • Travelled a bit (some fun, some work, some work that was fun)
  • Changed jobs a few times

But now I have a new project that will take a while to complete, and something that might be of remote interest to readers.

I’m making an Enigma machine.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve held a fascination with the Enigma machine. With the rise of 3D printing, I’ve realized I can have a full-size one in plastic.


  • 3D model each component in Fusion 360 (this is probably the part where I disclose I don’t know anything about 3D modeling, so I’ll be learning as I go)
  • Print each part
  • Adjust the 3D model to deal with the tolerances my 3D Printer can do (Prusa i3 Mk2S)
  • Assemble It

Stretch goals (how corporate):

  • Get the electrical side of it working, which would require some customer copper pieces and finding some (likely) obscure electrical connectors
  • Build a wooden box matching with the original
  • Build the upper frame skins out of sheet metal
  • Get someone else to do the same thing so I theoretically could actually communicate with someone
  • USB HID Keyboard interface to it?

This is gonna be a long and slow ride. Just like everything else with this blog…







2 responses to “Hello blog, it’s been a while…”

  1. Ben Avatar

    Can’t wait to watch this unfold. Especially interested in how you’re going to model it. Are you going to freehand by just looking at images or is there 3d scans of one out there?

    1. marius Avatar

      Funny story about that… One of my next posts will talk about how I got to where I am, but the punchline is: I have some mechanical engineering drawings done by someone that had the fortune of dismantling an actual Enigma in 2003.