• Enigma Collaboration

    Well, it turns out I’m not the only one working on an Enigma reproduction. As an aside, since many have asked, progress has largely stalled on my project but it will continue soon. I’ve been contacted by around a half-dozen folks that found me through the blog updates and some of them have helped identify […]

  • Enigma Progress

    Enigma Progress

    Hi all – I’ve not had a ton of time recently to update the Enigma machine, so here’s a quick rundown of where I’m at. Keep reading for something really cool. Modeling: mostly done. I think I have pretty much everything modeled at this point with the exception of the individual keyboard keys. Printing: mostly […]

  • Enigma update coming soon!

    No updates for a long time, but I have a cool update coming tomorrow night…

  • Still working

    A little sneak peek as to what is coming – I just completed the reflector (UKW-B) wheel. I have a bit of tuning I’d like to do so I’ll at least be reprinting the outer shell. Perry, you’re soon to get a sneak preview of font choices…

  • Practical Observations of 3D Printing a Mechanical Component

    In the post following this one, I’ll start talking about the specifics I’m taking in modeling the initial part of the Enigma machine I’m pursuing: the three rotors. Currently, I’m done (I think) modeling all the rotor components and am a little over halfway printing the parts out. The only things I’m really at a […]

  • Enigma Measurements

    Enigma Measurements

    One of the first things you need if you decide you want to 3D model anything is relatively accurate measurements. If you want to 3D model something with gears, interlocking parts, that functions – you need very specific measurements. So a few years ago, when I started Enigma research, I found the site Enigma-Replica.com. They […]

  • Why print an Enigma machine?

    Why do I want to print an Enigma machine? I think some background on me is important here. I’m not one of those people that can read a book and learn something useful. I have to be able to apply it. As most of you know, I work at Microsoft – and while I took […]

  • What’s On Your Wifi

    One of my last posts was a 6 year ago review of what’s on my wifi. Back then there were apparently just 11 IP addressable things in our house. Today, there’s about 48. And that doesn’t include the home automation gear that doesn’t talk IP. How times change.

  • Hello blog, it’s been a while…

    Well, hello there fine people of the internet. It’s been a bit over 6 years since my last post; nearly 9 years since my last post that wasn’t really a situation update on the blog. A few things have happened since then, mostly well discussed on Facebook or other media. Some highlights: Generated offspring Acquired […]

  • One post per year…

    Just noticed that I’ve now posted one entry in all of 2011 and all of 2010. Maybe 2012 will be better?