Brisket post-mortem

The brisket from yesterday was well received by the 10 people in attendance. I had six people here that have lived at one point or another in Texas (some as recently as two weeks ago!), and everyone says it tasted authentic.

I cooked it to an internal temp of 170°F, and I actually don’t think it was enough. The thicker part of the brisket was still not well done, so I think I should’ve let it go to 180 or 190. I took it off the egg at 6:30pm, so it cooked for 13.5 hours. The baste that I used was a little mustardy, so I’ll tone down the mustard in the baste next time around. The BBQ sauce I made had a good amount of kick to it — not spicy to me, but to a few others it was. 🙂 I should’ve guessed that it would be spicy: the recipe called for a 1/4 cup of chile powder, some cayenne pepper, and [Tabasco sauce]( That should’ve been one tip-off; the other tip-off should’ve been the recipe’s name: Fire and Brimstone BBQ Sauce.

Other than that, it was good times. Lots of beer (thanks [Andrew](; Kunaal) , wine (thanks John/Mary), brisket, potato salad (thanks [Jenn](, a few other sides, and lots of friends. Oh, and Muscato cake and chocolate mousse cake!





2 responses to “Brisket post-mortem”

  1. Jamie Thingelstad Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your brisket run. I’m preparing for my first Big Green Egg Brisket tomorrow and reading peoples comments. It looks like it’s going to be an early morning!

  2. marius Avatar

    @Jamie – Hope you post your findings as well 🙂