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  • Birthday Greetings – How things have changed

    Like most people, I’m used to the annual barrage of birthday cards, phone calls, e-mails, instant messages, etc. on my birthday.  It’s remarkable how times have changed in just the last few years. In years past, we’d all get cards in the mail and phone calls.  This year, I got just one card in the…

  • Happy Birthday to Me

    Approaching 30.  Scary. Favorite new thing found on the Internet today: Finger Jousting.  Amazing stuff.  Lots of oddly mesmerizing videos on YouTube, of course.

  • Finally: About Me

    Last night, in a moment of conceit, I finally sat down and worked on my About Me page that’s been linked up there at the top for, oh, I dunno, far too long.  I’ll keep this post short since all the relevant details are on the about Marius page.

  • European project named MARIUS?

    Hmm, Gizmodo reports that the European Commission is launching a program to deliver test messages to cell phones by helicopter. It’s named [Project MARIUS](http://www.gizmodo.com/gadgets/cellphones/european-marius-project-to-massdeliver-text-messages-via-helicopter-231522.php), which apparently stands for “Mobile Autonomous Reactive Information System for Urgency Situations”. Try saying that all in one breath.

  • Happy Birthday to Me

    Another year older for me.