Crazy weather, and the answer to what was for dinner

Let me start by saying I can’t believe it’s snowing.  In Seattle.  In April.  It was 80° and sunny last Saturday.  I guess that was summer, and we’ve already moved into next winter. Grr.

A few days ago I posted a picture of what we had just cooked for dinner, and a few of you have asked (via comments and e-mail) what we cooked.  I’m here to answer your question:  Sake Steamed Salmon with Shiitake-Leek Noodles.  Good stuff: lots of sake, lemon grass, leeks, star anise, and many other things.  It’s from the April 2008 edition of Cuisine at Home magazine, and they’ve unfortunately not made this recipe available with their on-line listing of recipes.

But, those of you that are interested know how to get in touch with me. :)  Heather, I don’t imagine you can find local salmon at your farmer’s market, though.

Notes from the morning

So, since I’ve been up since 4:30am cooking brisket, I wanted to jot down a few notes from the morning.

First, there seems to be a racoon living in our backyard. He was drinking from the pond while I was waiting on the BBQ to heat up.

Second, there’s nothing on TV at 4:30am on a Sunday. Oh, except MTV does play music videos, and not just on MTV2 — on MTV! All this time I thought they didn’t play music videos anymore; turns out, apparently the MTV folks think the music video demographic are early risers. TNT-HD has had a good movie run, though: [A Time to Kill](, [The Negotiator](, [Murder at 1600]( Seriously, that’s two [Samuel L. Jackson]( movies in a row!

Third: 11:45am, and I’ve started making the BBQ sauce. Oh, and I’ve finally opened a beer for myself.

Big Green Egg: Pork Loin Roast

Pork Loin

Today, I fired up the [Big Green Egg]( for its inaugural run. We tried a recipe off the BGE website – [Mr. Toad’s Pork Loin]( I had a 5 pound pork loin roast, followed the directions in the recipe, and threw it in the egg at 300 degrees. About 3 hours later, the pork hit 140 degrees. Done.

We pulled it off the pit, let it rest for 15 minutes, and then ate. Wow. Good stuff. I think I’m trying brisket next week! 🙂