Crazy old videos

So while I was visiting the family in Norway this past Christmas, I was shown something outstanding… My uncle had acquired my grandparent’s old Super 8mm video camera.  This is the camera they had brought when they came to visit us in the States for the first time, when I was probably 8 or 9 years old.  Sure enough – there were tapes.  And they got converted to DVD, so I ripped that to a digital format and am starting to convert selected ones to be posted online.  Here’s the first:

There’s more to come.  It’s interesting to think how these bits have been brought from an old 1970’s format to a current format in a matter of weeks; it’s also fascinating to see the character that these old videos have – there’s just something cool about video cracks and pops that a new HD camcorder just can’t compete with.






4 responses to “Crazy old videos”

  1. DaveD Avatar

    I’m confused. 8mm video format didn’t come out until the mid eighties. I assume you mean 8mm film camera? Or does everybody call film video these days?

  2. marius Avatar

    8mm film… I’ve always called film video 🙂

  3. Micha Avatar

    How fun. Dylan’s parents recently provided us with a video (also converted to DVD) of him and Erin when they were 6 and 4, respectively. It was crazy to see the same expressions on his face then that he makes now.

    Oh yeah, and we will probably not be teaching our kids “Puff the Magic Dragon” because of that video. I don’t know if I can stand ever hearing it again!

  4. Michael Avatar

    Well at least you used to be cute!