Grrr, NASA

CNN reports that NASA is cutting back the Mars Rovers’ team budget, which will likely result in Spirit sitting catatonic until funding comes back (yeah, right):

NASA officials have directed the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) program to cut $4 million dollars from its approximately $20 million dollar budget this year, and principal investigator Steve Squyres tells CNN that will likely mean science operations will have to be suspended for Spirit. The rover would be put in hibernation mode, and if all goes well it could be reactivated in the future in the event funding is restored.

Hey, congress, are you listening?  I’d like to donate my income taxes for the year to the Mars Rover folks.  Please?

[Update: Yay, looks like funding for the rovers will not be cut after all.  Hey, Congress, can I have my income taxes back now please?]