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  • NASA’s Brilliance in Marketing

    I’ve been following NASA for a long time.  It’s safe to say that I’m a huge fan.  NASA has always had a serious presence on the internet, but one of the things that I’ve noticed in the last few months is their huge push into the new web.  Various projects are all over Twitter, and […]

  • News blurb failure

    As seen moments ago on MSNBC.  I know why they delayed the shuttle launch, but reading that blurb would make most people wonder what’s up.   Seriously – they’re gonna go fix it, but it breaks more, so we’ll fix it later.

  • Grrr, NASA

    CNN reports that NASA is cutting back the Mars Rovers’ team budget, which will likely result in Spirit sitting catatonic until funding comes back (yeah, right): NASA officials have directed the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) program to cut $4 million dollars from its approximately $20 million dollar budget this year, and principal investigator Steve Squyres […]

  • NASA does it again!

    Congratulations NASA on another successful mission! Stardust is on the ground after a succesful 2.9 billion mile journey! Now that the engineering is over, the years of science can begin!

  • Steve Squyres Visits

    Yesterday at work, Steve Squyres came to give a talk to the company's research group, but anyone could attend. So, I quickly made sure my calendar wasn't booked at the time and immediately blocked it off so I could attend. Having just finished his book ( Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the […]

  • Return to Flight

    I got to listen to the liftoff of the space shuttle Discovery this morning on the drive in to work. I'm really glad to see that the wait is over and that NASA is back in business doing what they're supposed to be doing – scientific research in space. Hopefully everything else in this mission […]

  • Congrats again, NASA!

    NASA does it again, reports are in that Deep Impact did in fact hit the comet

  • Congratulations NASA and ESA!

    Today marks mankinds first visit to Titan, one of Saturn's moons. Article from Space.com notes that landing confirmation occurred at 11:35AM EST. UPDATE: ESA says that the first pictures should be up at 11:45AM PST UPDATE: CNN has a picture from Huygens on the front page! No pictures from the ESA or JPL yet. UPDATE: […]

  • nasa responds (not directly, but, well)

    Back in February I posted my nasa deep thought about why they didn't put blowers/wipers on the mars rovers… I got to ask one of the NASA scientists during a talk recently at Texas A&M, and then this morning I pull up CNN. There's an article about the rovers getting their lives extended. Then there […]

  • life on mars?

    Well, NASA's Opportunity rover has snapped a picture (scroll down) of a bunny on Mars. Space.com has coverage of the bunny here. I'd be willing to bet this shows up in next month's Playboy. 😉