Month: March 2008

  • Grrr, NASA

    CNN reports that NASA is cutting back the Mars Rovers’ team budget, which will likely result in Spirit sitting catatonic until funding comes back (yeah, right): NASA officials have directed the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) program to cut $4 million dollars from its approximately $20 million dollar budget this year, and principal investigator Steve Squyres…

  • Cleaning the Kitchen

    I hate cleaning the kitchen… Here’s a novel approach:   [via]

  • Xobni

    I have a few invites to the Xobni beta.  Let me know if you’re interested by commenting (put your email address in the e-mail address box) and I’ll send over as many invites as I can cover. I installed it yesterday, and it’s actually a really cool way to see stats on your email for…

  • The Girl Scouts are killing us

    Wow, look at those nutrition facts for thin mints… and this is for a serving size of only 4 cookies!  23% of your daily saturated fat needs makes this almost as disappointing as the day I looked up the nutritional info for my favorite Starbucks beverage. (for the record, a grande white chocolate mocha with…

  • Bizarre Grocery Store Items

    Spotted at a Larry’s Market in Redmond: Yes, you’re reading that right: it’s a gummy tapeworm. Sick, twisted stuff, and especially ironic at a grocery store.

  • St. Patrick’s Day

    I snapped a picture of the water feature flowing through our campus at work today, it’s green for St. Patrick’s Day: (Apologies for horrible picture quality: taken with my camera phone)

  • News Zen

    Two headlines, very close to one another, about very different stories.  They may seem related, but I hope for teenage girls they aren’t related: Yuck.

  • N+ Music – Problem Solved

    I asked some folks I know over in the gaming division (Hi, Don) about my previous question about the music in N+, and he was able to track down people who knew the answer.  Turns out I was wrong (yeah, shock of shocks, I know).  The music was actually done by Joris De Man of…

  • This weekend’s observations

    It’s gonna get a little monotonous here, but I figure since I’ve posted all my other telescoping hijinx, I might as well keep up with that.  Saturday, we drove up to Anacortes to visit Anacortes Telescope & Wild Bird.  I chatted with the owner of the store for a bit on what my equipment is,…

  • Saturn

    The weather report says it’s about 37°F outside, and it’s nice and clear.  I decided to subject myself to the cold and go gazing upwards. I decided to do a bit of experimenting this time around with AstroPlanner, a piece of software that was demo’d at a recent Seattle Astronomical Society meeting.  Turning on AstroPlanner…