Month: August 2007

  • Blocking spam referrers

    I’ve noticed through my website statistics program (I use Mint, thankyouverymuch), and I’ve noticed a couple of referrers that are suddenly referring a ton of hit to my website. I as curious what I did to attract these guys, so I peeked in my Apache logs a bit, and headed over to their website to […]

  • Handy coffee reference manual

    Stumbled across this post from someone that’s created diagrams of different types of coffee.  Very handy, especially for those of us living in the pacific northwest, where there’s a Starbucks (or a Tully’s, or a Seattle’s Best Coffee [which is, in all actuality, a Starbucks], or a random coffee hut) on many street corners. It’s […]

  • Getting things done: my way

    I’m a procrastinator.  An expert at it, in fact.  However, at work, that usually doesn’t cut it.  I’ve been trying to figure out new ways to manage my to-do list, and I think I’ve come upon something that works really well for me.  I was reading a blog post over at 7Breaths about someone using […]

  • Guitar Hero

  • Amazon Fresh: a test run

    A few weeks back, we were out and about around town, and I noticed a truck and storefront for Amazon Fresh.  I knew the coming-out date had to be close for my neighborhood, so I headed over their webpage to request an account. A few weeks later, I got an email saying that delivery was […]

  • In-flight announcement translations

    I seem to recall that some time ago the great George Carlin did a skit about airline announcements being weird. I offer up one of my own. As heard last night on [Continental 1888]( from Houston to Seattle, after landing: “Please be careful when opening the overhead luggage compartments as contents may have shifted during […]

  • Another one of those days

    Last week, I had [one of those days]( Today, I had another one. After work, I headed to the gym. Went into the locker room, started changing, then realized I forgot to put gym shorts in my gym bag. D’oh. Shortest gym trip ever.

  • Spam on Mailing Lists

    Argh. I hate spam. I run a few mailing lists on my system, mostly for college alumni and such, and I’m tired of having to deal with moderation requests to grow various parts of my anatomy. I stumbled across [this site]( which talks about how to integrate mailman and spamassassin. Good stuff. Now I just […]

  • One of those days

    Do you ever have one of those days where your alarm clock goes off, and you think, “I can sleep in a bit. I don’t have any early morning meetings or work deadlines.” Then you doze back off. Then, 30 minutes later, your cell phones chimes up to remind you of a dentist appointment in […]