Weatherproof Solar Powered Lights?

As I’m watching Discovery HD Theater tonight, one of those “As Seen on TV” type commercials comes up for solar-powered spotlights for your yard.

They advertise them as totally weatherproof, but I disagree – they won’t work if it’s always cloudy, raining all the time, duststorm, tornado picks ’em up. They’re pretty damned reliant on the sun, yes?

Clinton and Cleavage

HillaryThere you have it: two words that both begin with “C” that I never thought I’d write in the same sentence. Clinton. Cleavage.

If you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, apparently Hillary Clinton wore a somewhat low-cut blouse on the Senate floor, and the Washington Post is tearing her to bits over it. Picture’s there on the right. Go ahead, click it for full-size. It’s not gonna make you go blind.

I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I saw them talking about it on CNN and MSNBC. In both cases, the female news anchor was showing even more cleavage.

It’s been talked about before: Hillary Clinton is a woman. And people are just realizing she’s got boobs? zOMG!

Get a life, people.

Mt. Rainier – Mount Fremont Lookout

Hiked On: July 28, 2007′
Weather Conditions: Approximately 65°F-75°F, mostly sunny skies
Elevation: 6400-7181′
Distance from Seattle: Just over 90 miles
Pictures: [Here](
National Park Service: Mt. Rainier National Park

Well, after a long hiatus from hiking in general, and Mt. Rainier specifically, Diann and I made the 2 hour drive to Sunrise for a hike. We hadn’t been to Rainier in a long time because of the devastation that was caused there during [November 2006](

Saturday we had beautiful weather, so we headed up to the Sunrise visitor center and struck out. Last year, we hit the [Dege Peak]( hike, which heads to the right from Sunrise – this year, we did Mount Fremont, which heads … Left.

Great hike, a little over a mile to Frozen Lake, which is the domestic drinking water supply for the Sunrise visitor center. A right turn from there brought us up another 500′ of elevation and 1.3 miles of trail up to the Mount Fremont lookout. Amazing talus slopes, great views to the north, and not many people on the trail. The lookout itself was heavily damaged in a recent windstorm, and there’s two NPS fellows up there rebuilding it. They camp out there at night, and build during the day. We did see a few extension cords, so presumably there’s some power available up there — or they had a generator. Either way, talk about a workshop with a view.

On the way back down, we debated heading up to the Burroughs Ridge trail, but our rumbling stomaches made us go back to the car and our sandwiches. Note to selves: bring sandwiches with us next time.

Total distance hiked: 5.8 miles (3 hours, 20 minutes), total elevation gain: 800', total accumulated elevation: unknown (altimeter watch battery dead).

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

Diann & I snagged [Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World]( from Netflix.

I’d like to take a moment to let Albert Brooks (the writer, director, and main actor) know something: I’m Norwegian, and it wasn’t funny to me either.

We didn’t even get through the movie. Horrible. At least we watched all of [A Dirty Shame](

PS3: Price Cut, or Marketing?

Sony today announced a $100 [price cut]( for the most expensive of consoles, the PS3.

Now, depending on which side you take to this, it may not be a price cut. Let’s look at it through Sony marketing goggles:

Drive Size SKU Price Before 7/10 Price After 7/10
20GB $499 Discontinued
60GB $599 $499
80GB Doesn’t exist $599

Look at that, the 60GB version went down by a hundred bucks. It’s a price cut! Now, let’s look at it another way:

SKU Cost Drive Size Before 7/10 Drive Size After 7/10
“high-end” $599 60GB 80GB
“low-end” $499 20GB 60GB

Hey look, the prices are the same, it’s just that they made the hard drives a little bigger.


Awesome. Seriously. Go see the [movie](

Don’t believe me? 4.5 stars at [Netflix]( 8.3/10 at [IMDB]( 84% at [Rotten Tomatoes User Reviews](

The movie rocks. I wish I had my Transformers toys from when I was a kid.

Blog ripoffs. Grr.

So, lots of people have posted about other sites scraping their blogs data, but I just stumbled across a weird one. I won’t link to it, because that only validates their purpose.

Instead, they seem to be scraping from me anything tagged with ‘wireless’, and posting it. Along with lots of other blogs that are tagged ‘wireless’.


Searching for: A digital photo frame

So, I’m in the market for some digital photo frames, but can’t really find one that fits my needs. My thought is to be able to buy them as gifts for family in far off places (ignore voltage for a moment, converters are relatively cheap), and have them display pictures from my own RSS feeds.

That’s the killer — to pull pictures from my own RSS feeds. Therefore, it’s got to have wifi. Internal memory is a wash for me – great if it will cache from the network, oh well if it doesn’t. The key thing is that I don’t want to pay for a monthly service fee to use these, like [MomentoLive]( and [CEIVA]( That’s dumb – I understand their business model, but I run my own thankyouverymuch.

If anyone knows of a product that fits these needs, anywhere from a 6″ to a 10″ screen, please let me know. 🙂