PS3: Price Cut, or Marketing?

Sony today announced a $100 [price cut]( for the most expensive of consoles, the PS3.

Now, depending on which side you take to this, it may not be a price cut. Let’s look at it through Sony marketing goggles:

Drive Size SKU Price Before 7/10 Price After 7/10
20GB $499 Discontinued
60GB $599 $499
80GB Doesn’t exist $599

Look at that, the 60GB version went down by a hundred bucks. It’s a price cut! Now, let’s look at it another way:

SKU Cost Drive Size Before 7/10 Drive Size After 7/10
“high-end” $599 60GB 80GB
“low-end” $499 20GB 60GB

Hey look, the prices are the same, it’s just that they made the hard drives a little bigger.

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