Thing I hate #412: Annoying speakerphone etiquette

I love speakerphones. The ones we have where I work are surprisingly good. What I hate is when a co-worker down the hall is calling someone, leaves the phone on speaker while dialing, and lets it ring and ring and ring for 2 minutes.

Hey, genius, if they’re not gonna answer in the first minute, they’re not bloody likely to answer in the second minute either. And, if I can hear it all the way down the hall, you can turn it down some.

Rant completed. (On the bright side, my team is moving buildings soon, and I will no longer be down the hall from the same people as I currently am.)





One response to “Thing I hate #412: Annoying speakerphone etiquette”

  1. vanilla cokehead Avatar

    I cured two co-workers of their addiction to the speakerphone very quickly. I took a page out of a “Beavis and Butt-head” episode. I went into the restroom with my cell phone and when they answered, I flushed the toilet. Worked like a charm. 🙂