Tag: rant

  • Things I hate #412: Facebook applications

    Applications on Facebook that are quizzes, but won’t let you see the results until you spam a certain number of people on your friends list. No, I will not spam my friends list to find out what type of American accent I have, thankyouvermuch.

  • Blockbuster Total Access Changes

    I use (and love) Netflix, but I’ve been following this whole hoopla about the changes that Blockbuster is doing with their Netflix competitor, Total Access.  I’ve also been trying to persuade my office-mate to ditch Blockbuster in favor of Netflix. I think I may have found the solution… Knowzy.com put up an article that outlines…

  • Another rant: Things I hate

    (Channeling George Carlin) Another thing I hate is guys that drive nice, fast sports cars … 10-20 miles per hour below the speed limit. These guys kill me.

  • Thing I hate #412: Annoying speakerphone etiquette

    I love speakerphones. The ones we have where I work are surprisingly good. What I hate is when a co-worker down the hall is calling someone, leaves the phone on speaker while dialing, and lets it ring and ring and ring for 2 minutes. Hey, genius, if they’re not gonna answer in the first minute,…

  • Reason #342 to Hate Apartment Life

    Reason #342: The guy, two floors below you, that's running his charcoal grill and smoking you out of house and home (unit B304, I'm looking at you). All this while everyone's got their windows & doors open to get some ventilation. Glad to be moving next week!