Anti-Aircraft Peak

(catching up on hikes…)

Hiked On: May 20, 2006
Weather Conditions: Approximately 65°F, overcast
Elevation: 2200-2430’
Distance from Seattle: Just over 45 miles
Pictures: None
King County Park System: Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park

This hike was fairly straightforward and easy, yet the temperature and the recent rainfall (coupled with the fact that we were walking near a marsh!) made for a very humid hiking day.

In terms of awe-inspiring scenery, there really wasn't that much to our hike. We started off at Radar Park, and hiked up the Anti-Aircraft Ridge and up to the Clay Pit Road. We ran into a few fellow hikers with kids of varying ages on the trail, and were amazed by the population of snails and slugs we encountered on different pieces of the trail. Also of interest were the many different types of ferns and fungi we ran into – we should pick up a book to start identifying these things.

Total distance hiked: ~3 miles.