Month: May 2006

  • The Spread of Technology

    Scoble's recent blogging about technology making it into funeral homes led me to this great quote, attributed to William Gibson – As I've said many times, the future is already here. It's just not very evenly distributed. Truer words have rarely been spoken.

  • Fuel Economy…

    3 blog posts in one day.. A new record? Anyway, I was reading MSNBC, and clicked on this article about Newsweek's “Versatile Mileage Misers” – the most economical cars for each of 10 different categories (they're defining economical purely by gas mileage – which, let's be honest, it's getting closer every day). I'm glad to […]

  • Boundary Trail, Mt. St. Helens

    Hiked On: May 29, 2006 Weather Conditions: Approximately 50°F and overcast, climbing to 65°F and party cloudy Elevation: 4255' Distance from Seattle: 160 miles Pictures: Here US Forest Service: Mt. St. Helens As part of our Memorial Day Roadtrip this year (more on that coming soon), we spent a few hours at Mt. St. Helens […]

  • Anti-Aircraft Peak

    (catching up on hikes…) Hiked On: May 20, 2006 Weather Conditions: Approximately 65°F, overcast Elevation: 2200-2430’ Distance from Seattle: Just over 45 miles Pictures: None King County Park System: Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park This hike was fairly straightforward and easy, yet the temperature and the recent rainfall (coupled with the fact that we were […]

  • Aussie Pictures – Posted

    Finally, after a one month delay, I've posted my pictures from Australia.

  • GOOG: A daytrader’s delight

    So, I'm having an IM conversation with a buddy at work, and we inevitibly get to talking about the day's stock market activity. Quote of the day goes to Stephen, regarding GOOG stock: that stock is all over the place. It looks more like a heartbeat than a fund-owned security. at any given point today, […]

  • Republicans standing up for … Democrats?

    Now, at first, that may seem odd. But the Republicans and this particular Democrat have something in common – apparent ethics problems. Seems the Republican leadership is saying that the Department of Justice has overstepped their bounds, and they're promising an investigation: WASHINGTON — The FBI's weekend search of the House office of a Louisiana […]

  • Sony News Conference at E3

    So, I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts after watching most of the Sony Press Conference at E3. Overall, I was fairly underwhelmed with the show. Even the audience seemed underwhelmed — I don't know if it was just that the microphones weren't capturing it, but there was very little applause and cheering […]

  • First PGR3 Tournament Tomorrow

    Ok, so part of the tournament was today, but the semi-finals are tomorrow night at 7PM Pacific Time. Full details here. I'm interested in seeing how well followed this will be by the Xbox Live community.