Month: February 2004

  • wtf shsu?

    Those of you unfamiliar with RFC1918 can move along to the next entry. The rest of you, figure out WTF?1 [504][20:58][pa][]% dig ; DiG 8.3 ;; res options: init recurs defnam dnsrch ;; got answer: ;; ->>HEADER

  • The Movie Big, Part Two??

    So I'm watching TV waiting on the West Wing to start and an ad comes on for 13 Going On 30 comes on. Isn't this movie the same as Big?

  • Some Advice from Cubicle Hell

    Flipping through my trusty Cubicle Hell calendar (by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame) that Diann got me for my birthday this year, I came across this gem of knowledge from February 18th. I have a small plastic bag with dice in it stuck to my cubicle wall. Below it are the instructions on how to…

  • andy rooney: my new hero

    Well, last October 2003, I wrote a blog entry titled marius dot org: Pat Robertson – crazy again!. Seems Andy Rooney over at 60 Minutes is in total agreement. To quote: My own question to Pat Robertson is this: The election looks as though it could be close, certainly not a blowout. If George W.…

  • barcode

    Hey, look, it's 1984:

  • my weight

    For the record, I weigh 0.73 doppelzentners.

  • my nasa deep thought

    So, all the talk is that this heater problem on the Opportunity Martian rover will eventually cause problems because the solar panels onboard will become sufficiently dusty that they won't generate enough power to keep up with the drain of this malfunctioning 15W heater. My question: This rover is golf-cart sized, can rove around, take…