Month: August 2003

  • mcgriddles are mcgross

    Just had a McGriddle from McDonalds on a whim instead of my usual sausage and egg biscuit. These McGriddle things are absolutely disgusting.

  • carpet, or lack thereof

    Well, Diann and I have decided to tear out the carpet in the living room. Going for that trendy, concrete foundation look. (Not really, but I'll have pictures with the end result in a few days) At any rate, we spent yesterday evening cutting up and ripping up carpet, padding, and tack strips with the […]

  • yay blue man!

    Diann, Philip, Leigh, Dave and I went to the Blue Man Group concert in the Woodlands last night. They still crack me up, and the music was awesome to boot. Definitely recommend going to see it if their tour comes to your town. Well worth the money. And there were guys on the lawn seats […]

  • yay for vacation

    Well, I finally took a real vacation. Loaded up the gear and flew down to Belize for a week of beaches and SCUBA diving. Was very relaxing: just what I needed after finishing 11 hours of class this summer (oh, I passed Electrical/Optical Physics without taking the final!) and before starting up with 17 hours […]