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  • Viva Pinata

    So, I bought Viva Pinata today at Best Buy. All I can say is: Woohoo!

  • Xbox Live Milestone: 10,000 gamerscore

    This evening, I broke the 10,000 mark on gamerscore on Xbox Live. The achievement that put me over the mark? The Chapter 9 Silver Bird Award in Condemned: Criminal Origins. I finished off the game tonight, and while impressed with the fear factor of the game, the plot really went downhill after chapter 4 or […]

  • Oblivion: Achievement Unlocked

    So, last night I finally beat Oblivion on the Xbox 360. I started gameplay on May 19th, and finished on September 7th (all according to achievement tracking). 91 hours and 34 minutes of game-time. That's a long time. I can't think of another game that's kept my attention this long — over 3 months. I […]

  • Brilliant – Revenge by Mom

    There's a great story on Blogspot about a guy who bought an Xbox 360 on eBay – and didn't get any response from the seller after sending the payment. What was the solution? Find, call, and talk to the guy's mom. As the Guinness guys would say, “Brilliant!”

  • Sony News Conference at E3

    So, I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts after watching most of the Sony Press Conference at E3. Overall, I was fairly underwhelmed with the show. Even the audience seemed underwhelmed — I don't know if it was just that the microphones weren't capturing it, but there was very little applause and cheering […]

  • First PGR3 Tournament Tomorrow

    Ok, so part of the tournament was today, but the semi-finals are tomorrow night at 7PM Pacific Time. Full details here. I'm interested in seeing how well followed this will be by the Xbox Live community.

  • Gamerscore Addict

    I think I'm original in this, but maybe not. I came up with a new word today while browsing my Xbox Live gamerscore in comparison with friends. I submit to you: gamerwhore. I think to be a gamerwhore you should compare your gamerscore to others frequently (I do), but you should have also played NBA […]

  • Wrapping Up in Taiwan

    10:30pm Saturday in Taiwan, and 6:30am Saturday in Seattle. Our work here in Taiwan is wrapped up, and we spent today wandering around the city doing some photography. I should have around 200 pictures to upload when we return. We visited the electronics district of Kaohsiung today. I was a bit disappointed with it – […]

  • Kameo Co-Op on XBL

    Ok, grievance with Kameo on the 360 – why can't co-op games be done on Xbox Live? I suspect it was going to be, but was dropped to make the game ship: The manual, when talking about setting up a cooperative game, talks about logging into Xbox Live profiles. The game, has a menu to […]

  • Chaos: Xbox360 Midnight Madness

    Some friends from work and I stood outside of the Bellevue Best Buy yesterday waiting on the midnight launch of the Xbox360. We had originally planned to get there at 4pm, but as the days went on, it seemed the demand (and the count of those willing to wait in line for hours) grew and […]