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  • N+ Music – Problem Solved

    I asked some folks I know over in the gaming division (Hi, Don) about my previous question about the music in N+, and he was able to track down people who knew the answer.  Turns out I was wrong (yeah, shock of shocks, I know).  The music was actually done by Joris De Man of…

  • XBLA: N+ – Music?

    Does anyone know who makes the music for Metanet’s N+ on Xbox Live Arcade?  I’m listening to it, and I can’t help but think of Skaven from the Future Crew days in the 1990s.

  • A-Train

    Saw this over at Xboxyde (yes, they're more than just posting up the DOAX2 Famitsu scans). The graphics aren't that impressive on it, but it brought back old memories of A-Train on an Amiga 1000. I even remember the “HIRES” mode if you had 1 meg of RAM. Wow. 🙂