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  • New Grill! I’m an “egg”head!

    After reading several reviews on the web, and getting inspired by a [co-worker](http://www.seanalexander.com/2006/09/05/LaborDayBBQMeetsTechWizardry.aspx), I decided to buy a new grill. And I’ve eschewed the propane tank forever. I bought a [Big Green Egg](http://www.biggreenegg.com/) from [Thompson’s Hearth & Home](http://www.thompsonshearth.com/bbq.htm) in Issaquah. This thing is a beast! Tips the scales at over 140 pounds, and I can’t […]

  • Texas A&M in the Sweet 16!

    Texas A&M today beat Louisville [72-69](http://msn.foxsports.com/cbk/story/6578094) to get to the Sweet 16 for the first time since 1980. Wow. Three years ago they went winless in the Big XII.

  • Big Changes in the Big 12?

    Browsing CNN last night led me to this article about the Arkansas coach (whose name is Houston Nutt; insert humor here) forcing his players to wear pink when they goofed-off. The coaching team stopped this after people made some claims that the breast cancer support would be offended by this. Up to this point, the […]

  • some people are dumb, others are brilliant

    Read first about the dumb guy who wrote into the university newspaper. I don't know why our TAMU logo only belongs on maroon. Apparently, Danny doesn't either. Here's his response: From: Ledbetter, Daniel Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2004 2:39 PM To: 'mailcall@thebattalion.net' Subject: Repsonse: A&M logo belongs on maroon only Dear Editor, I am writing […]

  • nasa responds (not directly, but, well)

    Back in February I posted my nasa deep thought about why they didn't put blowers/wipers on the mars rovers… I got to ask one of the NASA scientists during a talk recently at Texas A&M, and then this morning I pull up CNN. There's an article about the rovers getting their lives extended. Then there […]

  • the sweet smell of… dumpsters?

    There's really nothing better than the weather has been the last few days. Mid-70's, not a cloud in the sky, a little breeze. So, everyone wanders around campus a little slower than usual because everyone wants to enjoy the wonderful weather. So, like everyone else, I'm walking across campus. There's nothing like walking behind someone […]

  • Hooray for Ring Day!

    Well, yesterday was Aggie Ring Day, and I finally got my ring. Yes, it says Class of 2002. Yes, I'm old. No, I don't care that I'm old. I'm told that I am the cranky old guy on the street. To quote Jeff, I could often be found yelling “You kids get off my lawn!”. […]

  • thunderbirds

    Well, as I mentioned the other day, the USAF Thunderbirds came to TAMU today. The show was pretty awesome. I took pictures of them a couple times: coming in and landing, the practice session, the Thunderbirds parked at night, and the actual show. I think the practice session was a little better than the actual […]

  • so that was fun

    Well, that was fun.. Or not. For those of you not in the B/CS area, we just went through a 5 hour power outage. Not just a neighborhood outage, but both cities, as well as Texas A&M. The outage reportedly went all the way to Waco, and east to the Texas/Louisiana border. Crazy stuff. Local […]

  • nothing new

    nothing majorly new to report from here. same old, same old. I did get to see a forum with Madeleine Albright speak yesterday as part of the MSC Wiley Lecture Series. It was a bit shorter than I expected, but it was very interesting none the less. She's quite an amazing person. Oh, I get […]