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  • The last three hours have been spent …

    Reading RSS feeds.  Didn’t get a good chance to read feeds this week at all: For the record: I didn’t hit the panic button.  I read them all.

  • Feature Request: RSS Reader that supports an April Fools mode

    I really wish my RSS reader supported an April Fools mode – it would basically take any post that was posted on April 1 and mark it immediately read or trash it, so I wouldn’t have to bother. Side note, I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5 as of last night, and the first thing I noticed […]

  • Oh Gizmodo, why do you hate full-featured RSS?

    I’m an avid reader of Gizmodo, and as much great stuff as they post, I rely on my RSS reader to follow all the action.  The last day or two they’ve changed some of their RSS feeds in a manner that I don’t like: they’re removing images. I can’t come up with what triggers this, […]

  • Work laptop death – what did I miss the most?

    So, my primary laptop at the office died a terrible hardware failure last Friday (no, not terrible in the sense of Dell laptop battery fires, but terrible nonetheless), and I've been using an old Toshiba Tecra 9100 since then (~2 year old laptop). It was slow and painful to use. But what did I miss […]

  • Does RSS make web layout irrelevant?

    So, I'm sitting here running through my daily ritual of reading RSS feeds, and I stumble upon this entry on Om Malik's blog. In it, he mentions it's been a busy week: they signed on some sponsors, had a party, and … launched a new look. Wait a minute, he launched a new look? I […]