Feature Request: RSS Reader that supports an April Fools mode

I really wish my RSS reader supported an April Fools mode – it would basically take any post that was posted on April 1 and mark it immediately read or trash it, so I wouldn’t have to bother.

Side note, I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5 as of last night, and the first thing I noticed about the new dashboard is that I had 399 posts.  That makes this the 400th.  First post from May 2000, but posted started in earnest in February 2003 when I installed Drupal.  388 posts since that February 2003 post, making for about 6 and a quarter posts per month.  Not bad, but I bet I can do better.

Oh Gizmodo, why do you hate full-featured RSS?

I’m an avid reader of Gizmodo, and as much great stuff as they post, I rely on my RSS reader to follow all the action.  The last day or two they’ve changed some of their RSS feeds in a manner that I don’t like: they’re removing images.

I can’t come up with what triggers this, but frequently I’m now seeing this quite frequently:


The link takes me to the article on Gizmodo.  Is the ad revenue in the RSS feeds not working out, so they’re trying to direct people to the webpage?  Ugh.

Work laptop death – what did I miss the most?

So, my primary laptop at the office died a terrible hardware failure last Friday (no, not terrible in the sense of Dell laptop battery fires, but terrible nonetheless), and I've been using an old Toshiba Tecra 9100 since then (~2 year old laptop). It was slow and painful to use.

But what did I miss the most?

Could it be: the dual monitor setup I have? the speed of my primary laptop? tablet functionality of my primary laptop? having all my data handy?

I missed all of these, but mostly, I missed my RSS reader client and configuration that I had installed. Trying to remember the sites I read, and trying to visit them in sequence to read what I was missing out on was, well, a futile attempt. I just got my tablet back, and it's time to catch-up on what's going on out there.

Does RSS make web layout irrelevant?

So, I'm sitting here running through my daily ritual of reading RSS feeds, and I stumble upon this entry on Om Malik's blog. In it, he mentions it's been a busy week: they signed on some sponsors, had a party, and … launched a new look.

Wait a minute, he launched a new look? I load it up, and sure enough — it's got a new look. (Not that I had any reason to believe that Om wasn't telling the truth, mind you)

That made me think, especially since I've just gotten done re-doing the layout of my blog — is layout and design irrelevant in the world of RSS subscriptions? I don't think it's quite irrelevant yet, but I think it's going to be that way soon, once the wonders of RSS become more widely used.

What are the web designers to do?