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  • Picture Published

    So the local news station does a periodic weather picture, and they chose one that I took recently while hiking. See it here.

  • life: an update

    Well, it's been a while since my last “real” post (around August 19 or so, neglecting a happy b-day to Diann and a random quote by Trey). And people keep telling me to update this thing… Well, I say people, but I really mean Jeff, who just soloed (yay congrats!)! At any rate, a lot […]

  • holy crap NYC

    Wow, so much for a person's rights when out in public. Thousands of foreign tourists to be fined, I'm sure. NYC transit officials are considering banning photography in subway, buses, and metro rail citing “security”. This has gone way too far. How fitting that the RNC will be in NY this year? Full article available […]

  • D70 vs. Digital Rebel

    Camera Comparison: Canon Digital Rebel (EOS-300D) vs. Nikon D70 Background After having had the Canon Digital Rebel since September 13, 2003, I picked up the Nikon D70 digital camera on April 3, 2004. Since I have both of these cameras in hand for at least the short-term future, I've decided to write up a real-world […]

  • thunderbirds

    Well, as I mentioned the other day, the USAF Thunderbirds came to TAMU today. The show was pretty awesome. I took pictures of them a couple times: coming in and landing, the practice session, the Thunderbirds parked at night, and the actual show. I think the practice session was a little better than the actual […]

  • jeff is jealous!

    Jeff is jealous of my camera setup and admits it! Film at 11.

  • The Basics

    I've always enjoyed photography, and migrated to digital photography in June 2002 with a Fuji Finepix S602Z digital camera. The camera served me well, but with the recent (September 2003) introduction of the Canon Digital Rebel, I've upgraded and gone SLR. The Fuji has gone to a better home courtesy of eBay — it's in […]

  • updating the website…

    After reading Brad Choate's article on rebuilding your entire website with MT, I've started rebuilding the static pages under MT as well. So, for the time being, they'll be unavailable. (This includes the FreeBSD pages, my digital photography pages, wireless pages, and a few others. They'll be back online soon enough.