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  • News Zen

    Two headlines, very close to one another, about very different stories.  They may seem related, but I hope for teenage girls they aren’t related: Yuck.

  • Clinton and Cleavage

    There you have it: two words that both begin with “C” that I never thought I’d write in the same sentence. Clinton. Cleavage. If you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, apparently Hillary Clinton wore a somewhat low-cut blouse on the Senate floor, and the Washington Post is tearing her to bits…

  • News headline you don’t see every day

    Again, reading MSNBC, and stumbled onto this news headline: 4 penguins perish in freak Texas truck accident: Octopus unhurt, exotic fish not as lucky en route to temporary home Full article here. Sad story, but a bizarre headline.

  • Worst written news article ever

    So, I'm reading the MSNBC article talking about the denial-of-service attack on Joe Lieberman's website (article here). I'm always amazed with the over-simplification that journalists use when they write stories: The Joe2006.com Web site was hosted on a computer named ThePlanet.com, a Web server computer that also hosts about 70 other Web sites. Many of…

  • Saddam and WMD

    So, I'm reading this article, and it's talking about how obsessed Saddam Hussein apparently was about WMD, based on some tapes found in Iraq. Transcripts of Saddam's tapes reviewed by NBC News show him ruminating about future terror attacks in the United States using weapons of mass destruction. “We shouldn't be surprised to see a…

  • Breaking News from CNN!

    Saw this choice quote from an article on CNN today about the home sales market (emphasis mine): The latest Census Bureau report shows median prices for new residences sold in December fell 1.5 percent from the previous month to $221,800. Half of the homes sold for more than the median, the rest for less. Must…

  • News: Michael Brown Removed from Role in Managing Katrina Relief

    News sites are reporting all over that Michael Brown has been relieved in his role of managing Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. In my opinion, this is a good first step. But, I do have to ask — what's the value in having the head of FEMA not working on the major disaster at-hand? FNC is…

  • new use for duct tape

    Saw this on the news tonight: A Pierce County couple captured a violent burglar, proving once and for all there really are a million uses for duct tape. When a Pierce County couple came home Friday to their pastoral paradise, they knew something was wrong when someone came jetting out of the inside of the…

  • sweet, sweet irony

    So I go to the local McDonalds for lunch today, and staring at me on the way in is the little section of newspaper stands. The USA Today headline was quite fitting: “Obesity on track to become No. 1 killer.” Article is on-line here. For those curious, I still ate at the golden arches.

  • holy cow

    Well, some people are stupid (note, that's two different links. UPDATE: The hoosiergazette article is satire. Damn.