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  • Digital bits vs. Physical bits

    A lot is said in the world of DRM arguments, and I’ve posted my thoughts on it in the past (I’m generally against the way DRM is applied much of the time, but I do understand the business case for DRM). The Hacking Netflix blog (great reading) posted this article today that talked about the […]

  • Problem with the RIAA and Recording Industry

    So I've been following all the Engadget and Gizmodo posts about the rumored Argo and Zune. One of the things that jumped out at me was this Engadget article that talked about the possibility that Microsoft would be allowing people to download whatever music they've purchased in iTunes for free — but that “Microsoft will […]

  • Amen, Chris Pirillo

    Chris Pirillo has an excellent post which contains the following nugget: Let me start out by saying that the blogosphere has to get over the whole “copyrights and trademarks are evil” jihad. I've been thinking about this myself recently with regard to DRM music. I sold my iPod and bought a Toshiba Gigabeat S60 (more […]

  • Sharing iTunes Libaries with Multiple Users in Windows XP

    Diann & I have both had our iPods for quite some time now, and I've always had it setup where the iTunes libary is stored within my home directory. Kind of irritating, especially when she needed to update her iPod, I'd have to log in as me. I realized today that someone out there must […]