New Stuff on the Site

Added a Book Queue over there on the right ( powered by MTBookQueueToo and MTAmazon ) and finally have a dynamically created Blogroll (powered by a beta of MT Blogroll, which doesn't have a homepage yet.)

Oh, and Jeff pointed this out today online. Pretty damned sweet — a genetic sequence browser for various species' DNA. Wonder if I can get some of this plotted on glossy-poster paper and hung on a wall.

when random people link

So what does the rest of the blogging community do when you're curious who is linking to you?

Recently someone posted a random trackback ping to my website. No problem, so I go check them out. I'm in their blogroll, and so is Bill, and neither of us know who they are. I don't really have a problem with this — this is the web, and this is what it's meant to do… But now I'm curious!

[ Due diligence: there is no e-mail address listed on the website; going to the parent domain ( ) gives a few links, primarily to some pictures, and I don't know anyone in them, nor does Bill. ]

Blogging Milestone: Over 100 Entries

Just perusing some configuration options in my Movable Type configuration, and noticed that I posted the blog's 100th entry on the 19th. Nice.

Of course, on the flip side, this makes 103 entries since February 26, 2003. 103 entries in 1 year and 10 months. That's an entry, on average, every 15 days. I need to work on that.

new toy!

As the more astute readers will notice, there's now a little picture over there on the right hand side of the blog. Well, that's because I've joined in on the moblog bandwagon. What is a moblog, you ask? Wikipedia defines it for us:

Moblog is a portmanteau of mobile and weblog. A mobile weblog, or moblog, consists of content posted to the Internet from a mobile or portable device, such as a cellular phone or PDA. Much of the earliest development of moblogs occurred among foreigners residing in Japan, among the first countries in the world where camera phones (portable phones with built-in cameras) were widely commercially available.

According to Joi Ito's History of Moblogs, the first post to the web was from Steve Mann in 1995. He used a wearable computer, a more elaborate predecessor to modern moblogging devices. The first post to the Internet from a mobile device was by Stuart Woodward, in January 2001; the term “moblogging” itself was coined by Adam Greenfield to describe the practice in 2002. The term is sometimes pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable – MOBlog – out of affinity with the ideas about social self-organization developed in Howard Rheingold's “Smart Mobs”.

It's scary how much info Wikipedia has about the most random subjects. Anyway, this is all made possible by my new toy: the Nokia 6620. Don't let the “Coming Soon” link on fool you, the phone has been out for a whopping two weeks now. All in all it's a really cool phone. A bit wider than my old Samsung A500, but still small.

Another note about this… All you people out there with Sprint phones that call me for free can't anymore. I ported my number over to AT&T Wireless. On the bright side, all you AT&T Wireless people out there can now call me for free. And I have real SMS capabilities finally! Yay!

new blog management

So I've finally decided to get going and shake the cobwebs off the website. With the purchase of the new camera I figured I should clean this thing up a bit…

Well, I'm working on re-doing the website layout and one of the first steps in doing so is getting rid of the old blog management. Drupal served me well for the past 8 months or so, but Movable Type really has some major improvements over it. I'm now in the process of doing a little bit of RTFM trying to get a handle on all things MT. It's really pretty awesome.

In other news, there's no other news. School is gonna suck for the next few weeks (papers due, tests coming up, profs being out of the hemisphere while all this is due) and I'm gonna try to lie low and get this thing working.

Site Changes

So, obviously the site was getting a little dull, so I decided to use Drupal to automate some of my commenting on the front page. Should make the page management a wee bit easier for me as well. Micah and James have been using it for a while and are happy with it, so I figured I'd give it a whirl.