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  • Telescoping: April 11

    We’re having an odd break in the weather here in the Seattle area, and last night the clouds cleared.  (Not to mention it’s beautiful and sunny today, and supposed to hit the low 70’s!)  Diann & I went out to Rattlesnake Lake, where the temps were hovering in the mid-40’s.  The moon was up in […]

  • Telescoping in the Cold

    Last night we had some clear skies, and the Seattle Astronomical Society called an impromptu star party at Rattlesnake Lake.  Rattlesnake is much closer to the Cascade Mountain range, and farther away from the bright city lights of Seattle.  Since it’s closer to the mountains, it’s also a lot colder than the low-lands: it was […]

  • This weekend’s observations

    It’s gonna get a little monotonous here, but I figure since I’ve posted all my other telescoping hijinx, I might as well keep up with that.  Saturday, we drove up to Anacortes to visit Anacortes Telescope & Wild Bird.  I chatted with the owner of the store for a bit on what my equipment is, […]

  • Saturn

    The weather report says it’s about 37°F outside, and it’s nice and clear.  I decided to subject myself to the cold and go gazing upwards. I decided to do a bit of experimenting this time around with AstroPlanner, a piece of software that was demo’d at a recent Seattle Astronomical Society meeting.  Turning on AstroPlanner […]

  • New Telescope Parts

    It’s 24.5°F outside, which means I must have spent the last three hours outdoors with the telescope.  I can’t determine if the cold makes me go outside, or if it’s cold because I go outside.  🙂 I received a small shipment of parts from Anacortes Telescope today, which brought me parts to be able to […]

  • Looking Up

    26°F outside tonight, but still no clouds.  Amazing. Our friends Boaz and Charlotte came over tonight for the purpose of moon/stargazing.  Out came the LX50 again. Spotting scope got quickly tuned in using a very twinkling Sirius low in the sky, and then we turned our gaze back to M42 in Orion.  I used the […]

  • Telescoping in January, again!

    Seattle’s getting some bizarre weather this month.  The other day, I was able to drag out the little telescope (Meade ETX90) and tonight the clouds cleared again. Today, I yanked out the big scope (Meade LX50).  It’s 28°F outside again, and I spent the first hour and a half or so setting up the scope.  […]

  • Cold and on the ground

    According to Weather Underground, it’s currently 28°F outside.  It snowed a fair amount last night, and now the snow that thawed most of the day is turning to ice.  It’s been interesting watching people try to drive up the hill into our neighborhood. I heard tires spinning about 2 hours ago, so I decided to […]