Enigma Collaboration

Well, it turns out I’m not the only one working on an Enigma reproduction.

As an aside, since many have asked, progress has largely stalled on my project but it will continue soon.

I’ve been contacted by around a half-dozen folks that found me through the blog updates and some of them have helped identify additional resources that shed light on the Enigma. Through some 1 on 1 conversations, we’ve also been able to identify some critical errors in the PDF files made available on the Enigma Nachbauprojekt website. A few of us have tried to figure out how to work around these errors, including trying to take better measurements on Enigmas that may exist – or just downright modeling the entire assembly and figuring out where parts should live and letting the 3D model dictate the correct dimensions.
To that end, and to facilitate collaboration with folks, I’ve created an Enigma reproduction mailing list on Groups.io. If you’re interested in actively helping reproduce an Enigma, feel free to join!