Is Qik’s open beta really an open beta?

Try as I might, I can’t see any difference in Qik’s recent change to an “open” beta.  I’ve submitted my cell phone number to them, received the SMS, opened the link, and then I get a page that says:

Request received!

Thank you for your interest in Qik. We will be in touch to let you know when you can get started – thanks!

Nothing after that, even though their blog post says “No more waiting for approval.”

Anyone have a Qik invite they can share with me in the meantime, since it seems like everything is status quo over there?





2 responses to “Is Qik’s open beta really an open beta?”

  1. Ed Avatar

    Well, did ya get it to work?
    Their signup is kind of goofy, but I got it successfully installed on my blackjack 2.
    Ping me if you still need help.

  2. marius Avatar

    Yep, I did get it to work. Now I just have to figure out what (if anything) I want to video stream.