Where’s Marius been?

ok, so my last post was about two weeks ago… I’ve been busy, honestly.  Let me summarize:

Attempt at stargazing on June 14.  Clouds were supposed to clear away, but never really did.  No new Messiers off my list, but I did get to re-visit a few globulars and a few galaxies (M81/M82, in particular).  Watched the moon and Saturn a lot, as well. Met a few new stargazers that night: Nick, in particular, with a brand-new first-light Televue refractor.  Beautiful scope, and nice views.  No stargazing since then, but the forecast for this weekend looks promising.  *fingers crossed*

Diann & I bought bikes last weekend (Trek 7.3FX bikes, for those of you that care or are in-the-know about all things bike), and have done a bit of riding.  I’ve been updating my Facebook and Twitter statuses to reflect my rides so far, but, here they are:

  • Ride 1 on the bike: from home, to my office, to REI (to buy some bike clothes), and back home.  Around 15.9 miles.
  • Ride 2 on the bike: commute from home to my office, and back again.  Around 11.5 miles.
  • Ride 3 on the bike: from home, up the Lake Sammamish Trail, and up to Red Hook brewery.  A beer and a burger, and then back home.  20.9 miles.
  • Ride 4 on the bike (today): commute from home to my office.  Will go back home tonight.

I hope to keep up riding to the office a couple times a week, and maybe even riding to/from work daily.  We’ll see how that holds up when the weather starts turning bad again, but that’s the plan for now.  The only problem with my commute to work is a crazy hill just before my office:

Home to RedWest via 40th

Granted, I’m not in the greatest shape now, but the first 3.4 miles of that ride took me around 15 minutes this morning.  Climbing that !#@%$ hill for the next 1.5 miles took me another 20 minutes.  Stupid hill.  Stumbled across veloroutes.org, which is a great mashup of Google Maps and some elevation data to give you distance and elevation maps (just like the one above).

Oh, and speaking of !#@%$, I was saddened to see that George Carlin passed away this weekend. 

Anyhow, that’s all.  More later.






8 responses to “Where’s Marius been?”

  1. Heather Avatar

    Good for you! Dave and I have been riding to work too. It’s about 14 miles round trip for him and 16 round trip for me. It’s exhausting, but so worth it. It’s a little hot though…

  2. marius Avatar

    @James – Why spend $250 when I’ve found a website that does it for free? (well, with a little bit of clicking… 🙂 )

    @Heather – Yeah, but it’s flat there. 🙂 We did the 21 mile ride to Red Hook this weekend, and it was mostly flat – and a breeze compared to the uphill ride to work. 🙂

  3. Michael Avatar

    Who cares where marius has been. I want stargazing updates not drivel about your poor ass sitting in a plane to long and your “green” insights for riding to work. 🙂

  4. marius Avatar

    Hah! You’ll have stargazing updates tomorrow, as the telescope is coming out tonight.

  5. Michael Avatar

    You lie! You bastard no update you call yourself an astronomer! Hah I say to you. 😉

  6. marius Avatar

    Happy now? 🙂

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