This weekend’s observations

It’s gonna get a little monotonous here, but I figure since I’ve posted all my other telescoping hijinx, I might as well keep up with that. 

Saturday, we drove up to Anacortes to visit Anacortes Telescope & Wild Bird.  I chatted with the owner of the store for a bit on what my equipment is, and asked him for recommendations for what I should do next.  His first suggestion was to upgrade to 2" eyepieces, but that would cost me a pretty penny right now.  I decided to wait on that, and followed his suggestion on a Tele Vue 32mm Plossl eyepiece, as well as some miscellaneous other parts to improve my scoping.

Since I bought a new eyepiece, I figured Saturday night would bring clouds.  However, I stepped outside at about 8pm, and lo and behold, the stars were out.  I quickly hauled all the telescope gear upstairs and set up on the deck.  I aligned my finder, threw on the new eyepiece, and … Wow, the eyepiece is truly amazing when compared to the Meade Series 4000 eyepieces I’ve been using.  I’m really about ready to put the 26mm, 15mm, and 9.7mm Plossls I have now on eBay to fund getting to 2" eyepieces.  The problem is that these Meade eyepieces are going for about $25 each on eBay, which doesn’t get me near my goal.  Why do I always end up with the expensive hobbies?

I spent a few hours with a friend on the porch staring at Saturn (Titan, Rhea, and Iapetus visible as well), Mars, M42, M45, and M35.  Most of these I’ve looked at before, but I wanted to get a good comparison to previous eyepieces.  M35, however, was new to my eyes.  An amazing starfield, and conveniently easy to find when I looked at it – about 4° away from Mars.