Amazon Fresh: a test run

Amazon Fresh A few weeks back, we were out and about around town, and I noticed a truck and storefront for Amazon Fresh.  I knew the coming-out date had to be close for my neighborhood, so I headed over their webpage to request an account.

A few weeks later, I got an email saying that delivery was available for my neighborhood!  Last night, at around 10pm, I placed my first order.  I ordered a variety of things: Ziploc bags, bread, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc.  Part of the order was stuff we needed, and part of it was just to see how the quality of the food stacked up to shopping the grocery store.

I scheduled the order to be delivered today between 10am and 11am.  I had a slight problem with the website – the add/remove item controls in the shopping cart didn’t work, so I had to order with a few things I didn’t actually mean to order.  I called their customer service just before placing the order, and was happy to speak with a very plain-spoken member of their customer service team.  Definitely a native English speaker, and my guess would be from the Northwest or Midwest US.  She was able to quickly reproduce the problem I was experiencing, and sent it onto their web team.

amazonfresh 001 At 10am Saturday morning, the doorbell rang. Literally, at 10:00 and a few seconds. I swear the guy was waiting outside of the door watching his clock waiting for 10:00am.  Rather than drive the delivery truck up the driveway, he parked at the end of the driveway and used a hand truck to get the groceries to our door.  He brought the groceries into the kitchen, I signed a piece of paper, and away he went.

Diann & I quickly unpacked the groceries, taking a peek at the various fruits/vegetables that we ordered to make sure they lived up to the name of Amazon Fresh.  To my surprise, they did!  The tomato was ripe and red, the grapes were flawless, the strawberries were beautiful.

Amazon Fresh Tomato My only complaints about the service is that you can’t easily see ingredients of the products you’re shopping for, nutritional value, and my aforementioned problems with the website.  Diann’s allergic to corn, so we need to avoid high fructose corn syrup.  That’s tough to do when you can’t read ingredients, so we really had to try and stick with products we already knew. 

It’s cheesy, but I took a picture of some of the produce.  The tomato is there on the right.

 Great stuff, I’m pretty sure we’ll definitely be shopping there again.  I’ll be saving my grocery store receipts in the future to compare prices.





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