A long day

Today started out fairly normal and as planned, but it went downhill.

As I sit here, my arms are bruised. My jaw is fairly numb. I have 4 teeth less than I had this morning. I’m on pain medication.

It sounds drastic, but, yeah, I got my wisdom teeth removed this morning. First time ever that I’d been under anesthesia, first time to have to get an IV in the old arm vein, first time to have teeth extracted. It’s been a day of firsts, and I’m ready to get through the next two weeks so I can start eating normal food again. 🙂

Luckily, I’ve got Diann here helping out, even with the gross stuff that comes with this (mmm bloody gauze pads). Best. Nurse. Ever.





3 responses to “A long day”

  1. elwing Avatar

    I was eating solid foods two days after mine were out, so it heals pretty fast. Food was still getting stuck, but that’s why the doc gave you a syringe to keep it clean 🙂

  2. marius Avatar

    hah, I hope to be eating something more solid-ish today. Haven’t had to take any of the high-power pain killer since last night, but still on the old yogurt/protein shake/milkshake diet. 🙁

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