Work laptop death – what did I miss the most?

So, my primary laptop at the office died a terrible hardware failure last Friday (no, not terrible in the sense of Dell laptop battery fires, but terrible nonetheless), and I've been using an old Toshiba Tecra 9100 since then (~2 year old laptop). It was slow and painful to use.

But what did I miss the most?

Could it be: the dual monitor setup I have? the speed of my primary laptop? tablet functionality of my primary laptop? having all my data handy?

I missed all of these, but mostly, I missed my RSS reader client and configuration that I had installed. Trying to remember the sites I read, and trying to visit them in sequence to read what I was missing out on was, well, a futile attempt. I just got my tablet back, and it's time to catch-up on what's going on out there.






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  1. Cheap Computer Memory Avatar

    That is why you should regularly backup. Try clonezilla from it backs up your entire partition onto a CD or DVD 🙂