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  • 1 Week in Paris

    No, not like that sketchy movie “One Night in Paris”. Here’s a listing of Diann and my crazy whirlwind Paris-in-a-week tour. Read on for more details. Many of our food recommendations come from Rick Steves’ France 2007 book.

  • Bizarre Small World

    For the last two weeks Diann & I have been on vacation. One week in Paris and the surrounding areas, and one week in Norway visiting my family. (Pictures and more detailed “how to see Paris in a week” itineraries are forthcoming, I promise) A very bizarre thing happened to us on the flight back.…

  • yay for vacation

    Well, I finally took a real vacation. Loaded up the gear and flew down to Belize for a week of beaches and SCUBA diving. Was very relaxing: just what I needed after finishing 11 hours of class this summer (oh, I passed Electrical/Optical Physics without taking the final!) and before starting up with 17 hours…