Bizarre Small World

For the last two weeks Diann & I have been on vacation. One week in Paris and the surrounding areas, and one week in Norway visiting my family. (Pictures and more detailed “how to see Paris in a week” itineraries are forthcoming, I promise)

A very bizarre thing happened to us on the flight back. We took the Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) flight from Copenhagen to Seattle. We had just cleared passport control in the airport, when I hear someone yell “Oh my God!”. Now, we’re in Denmark, and they speak Danish, so hearing someone yell, in English, “Oh my God!” is a little weird.

It gets weirder.

It’s a friend of mine from work. In Denmark. Nearly 5,000 miles away from home. How weird is that? It gets weirder!

We say hi, and she has another flight to catch, so we start walking further down the jetway. We hear a shriek.

It’s another friend from back in Seattle. Again, In Denmark. Nearly 5,000 miles away from home. IT GETS WORSE!

We’re sitting at the gate waiting on our plane, and someone from Diann’s Norwegian class walks up to say hi.

So, all told, we spent 5 hours in Copenhagen’s airport, almost 5,000 miles away from home, and ran into three friends from back home. I honestly don’t think we run into that many people we know when we’re out and about in Seattle!

yay for vacation

Well, I finally took a real vacation. Loaded up the gear and flew down to Belize for a week of beaches and SCUBA diving. Was very relaxing: just what I needed after finishing 11 hours of class this summer (oh, I passed Electrical/Optical Physics without taking the final!) and before starting up with 17 hours of class this upcoming fall. I'll be worn out by the end of it for sure.

I bought an underwater housing for Diann's digital camera to bring to Belize for SCUBA diving and took just under 400 pictures (well, I took more, but only 400 were worthwhile). They're online for your perusal. Vacations: I highly recommend them™.

I had something I was going to make a really long rant about here, but I forgot, so this will have to do now.