Wells Fargo corporate trips to Vegas

In the last few weeks, I’m really surprised to read this article

Wells Fargo, which has received approximately $25 billion dollars in federal funds, is “planning a series of corporate junkets to Las Vegas casinos this month” for some of the company’s “top mortgage officers”.  The best part of this is the explanation a Wells Fargo spokesperson gave, claiming that “recognition events are still part of [Wells Fargo’s] culture.” 

I think it’s apparent to pretty much anyone watching the financial meltdown that sending a bunch of execs to Vegas casinos is pretty much a part of their corporate culture.

update! they’ve called off the Vegas trip.  I doubt I had anything to do with it. 🙂

Bulldozer Camp

Diann was cruising the internet tonight and found this: Bulldozer Camp.  A place where you can go and play with real, full-size bulldozers.  Wow.  In scenic Pomeroy, WA.s

Hopefully, she didn’t find that while looking up gift ideas for me.

Worst geography lesson ever

I turned on the TV tonight, and the Guinness World Records: Top 100 show happened to be on.  As I turned it on, record #62 came up: fastest flying manmade object.  They claim it was the SR-71 Blackbird at 2200mph.  I can’t help but think of the X-15, breaking 4,519mph.

Anyhow, that nitpick aside, they tried to give the viewer a general understanding of just how fast Mach 3 is, they said it could go from LA to New York in 1.5 hours.  That’s fine, but this was the graphic they used:

Bad Graphic

It’s so bad I had to get out Diann’s camera and snap a picture.  I’m trying to come up with something sufficiently snarky to say about this, but I think the image speaks for itself.  At least they got New York approximately right.

Looking back, I do find it ironic that just below the words "Los Angeles" is the little advertisement for NBC’s new show Lipstick Jungle.  Special.

Wow, stupidity in HR

[This story](http://sugiero.blogspot.com/2007/03/never-mention-hotmail-in-your-cv.html) is just unbelievable. I can’t believe an HR department would throw out an interview candidate just because they use a particular e-mail host, and they think that host is “stupid”.


Rant: Yo-Yo Ball

Reading another MSNBC article here talking about the Yo-Yo Ball and how the CPSC is now going to formally investigate them — because they've (*gasp*) injured several kids.

That's not my problem. My problem is that this is just like the “coffee is hot” thing from McDonald's several years back. Now, I know that to many of you, the fact that coffee is hot isn't surprising. (Yes, yes, the particular coffee being served was way hotter than it needed to be, etc., etc.)

This Yo-Yo Ball thing is absurd on a number of levels. Is the CPSC going to try to get all Yo-Yo's off the market? What about extension cords? Water hoses? All these things can get wrapped around a kid's neck (or anyone's neck, for that matter) if they're swung about in the air. (Yeah, like most of you, I would have doubted most people are swinging these things around their heads — but I saw the local news report on KING-TV here in Seattle with the Bellevue kid showing what he was doing… SWINGING THE DAMNED THING AROUND HIS HEAD.)

I feel sorry for the kids that got hurt by this, but any toy can be a hazard. Back in my day, we'd run around outside playing “guns”. Some of us would fall and scrape our knees, or hit our heads on tree branches in the woods — that didn't stop us from having fun. This is truly all pointless.

If I were to list off every toy that injured a kid that I know, the list would be long. And my childhood would've been a lot less fun.