Tag: statistics

  • A brief interlude

    I decided to take a count of how many pages the last nearly 9 years of Playboy magazines have been.  Makes for an interesting chart: I think it’s interesting to see it declining over time (the black line is a linear trendline).  If I’d had more time, interest, or data, I’d try to correlate to […]

  • Random Stat of the Day

    Like Jeremyah, I’m a big fan of random personal statistics.  Here’s one for today:  number of Amazon purchases I’ve made over time. First Amazon purchase for me?  September 17, 1999. (ps: does this graph remind anyone else of an obscene hand gesture?)

  • Feature Request: RSS Reader that supports an April Fools mode

    I really wish my RSS reader supported an April Fools mode – it would basically take any post that was posted on April 1 and mark it immediately read or trash it, so I wouldn’t have to bother. Side note, I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5 as of last night, and the first thing I noticed […]