A brief interlude

I decided to take a count of how many pages the last nearly 9 years of Playboy magazines have been.  Makes for an interesting chart:

Playboy Page Counts

I think it’s interesting to see it declining over time (the black line is a linear trendline).  If I’d had more time, interest, or data, I’d try to correlate to stock prices, count up advertising, etc.  I do think it’s interesting to see that there’s typically one issue per year that’s quite substantially larger than the norm for the year (the December 2003 spike is because of the 50th Anniversary Issue).

Feature Request: RSS Reader that supports an April Fools mode

I really wish my RSS reader supported an April Fools mode – it would basically take any post that was posted on April 1 and mark it immediately read or trash it, so I wouldn’t have to bother.

Side note, I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5 as of last night, and the first thing I noticed about the new dashboard is that I had 399 posts.  That makes this the 400th.  First post from May 2000, but posted started in earnest in February 2003 when I installed Drupal.  388 posts since that February 2003 post, making for about 6 and a quarter posts per month.  Not bad, but I bet I can do better.