State of the Union, Follow-Up Actions

So, after hearing the State Of The Union last night, I was looking forward to the next steps as far as getting the education system back in growth mode as it relates to math and sciences. Maybe, restoring some of the National Science Foundation budget that the Republican congress yanked out. Maybe boosting student loan subsidies.

But, I guess that's largely wishful thinking. Today, the Congress, in a largely bipartisan vote, cuts student loan subsidies. According to the article, President Bush is “eager to sign the bill.”


state of the union..

So, am I the only who thought the mention of Steroid Use in Professional Sports was a wee bit out of place in the State of the Union address a few nights ago?

I mean, I'm all for proper drug laws, and I think that should be a big pushing point for the President that drug laws (in general) should make it into the SOTU; but picking in pro sports about it?

I think Jon Stewart said it best while being interviewed by Tom Brokaw right afterwards: why didn't he deal with instant replay and artificial turf?!